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271 pages of sales activity management to help High-Activity Sales Professionals Sell BEYOND Survival!

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30 mp3 chapters to add to your ipod, iTunes, or your computer to hear each about how to earn a better lifestyle.

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Grow with a  chapter-by-chapter.pdf series of exercises designed to help you Sell BEYOND Survival! - 51 pages.

What's in the Workbook?

The Selling BEYOND Survival Workbook walks you through a proven simple activity management system called PASS™ (Prospects, Activities, Sales-in-Progress, Sales).  The 51 pages of self-customized instruction include:

  1. High-Activity Professional’s Self-Assessment

  2. Calculations for Your Magic Ratio

  3. Designing Your Lead Generation Engine

  4. Utilizing a 6, 12, 18, 24 Center of Influence System

  5. 7 Appointment Setting Absolutes

  6. First Appointment Question Design and Customized Presentations

  7. Personalized Funnel Management

  8. Ideal Sales Scoreboards

  9. Achievement Drive Assessment

Note: The workbook is provided as an individual license for a single computer and cannot be shared without copyright infringement.

It’s all about a better lifestyle!

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